Both Drew Barrymore and her fans are feeling very overwhelmed with her ongoing kitchen renovation.

On Sunday, the 46-year-old talk show host shared a five-minute clip of herself walking through the center of her kitchen upgrade project. As she explained, Drew is painting her walls in shades of green and beige, using her own Flower Home paint in Palm Leaf Green and Flower Home paint in Toasted Almond. She is also aiming to layer in art and incorporate more brass details into the space.

Though The Wedding Singer star assured her fans that everything was going “very well,” Drew did have an oh-so relatable freakout moment toward the end of the clip after showing fans the messier side of her renovation project. At one point, Drew starts screaming as she glances into nearby rooms, which were full of stuff that had been moved from the kitchen.

“What have I done to myself?!” Drew shouts at one point. “If you have that feeling too — oh god!”

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Thankfully, Drew seemed much calmer at the end of the clip. Even still, some of Drew’s fans were clearly feeling for the actress after seeing how visibly overwhelmed she was during the kitchen tour. “This would give me so much anxiety but I love the colors,” one fan wrote. “Honestly this stresses me out! I hope you will get your kitchen back soon!! So exciting!!❤️,” another said. “I can’t wait to see finished work!!! Hope you aren’t living in this… I did, and nearly lost my mind… highly do not recommend 😂,” someone else remarked.

Of course, we’re more than confident the end result will be worth all of the chaos. After all, Drew does have an amazing home collection that hopefully will make the process easier.

In the meantime, we’ll be refreshing Instagram until Drew posts more updates from her renovation process. Who knows, maybe we’ll see the finished product when The Drew Barrymore Show is back on starting September 13. Either way, we’ll be cheering Drew on from afar!

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