The singer has continued to communicate with women after he was jailed for child sex offences.

Disgraced rock star Ian Watkins, the former lead singer of Welsh band Lostprophets, has been sending vile letters to women while locked in jail for horrific child sex offences.

Watkins, who is serving a 29-year sentence, has been sending letters to the mother of a 6-year-old girl, reports The Sun.

Watkins had another 10 months added to his sentence last week, when he was convicted of possessing a mobile phone while in prison.

Watkins claimed he was holding the phone, which he had concealed internally, for other inmates.

During the hearing, the court heard that Watkins receives hundreds of pages of letters behind bars, mostly from women.

Letters obtained by The Sun show the singer begging a mum in her 30s to share photos of herself and to search porn pictures of him online.

Watkins was banned from contacting her when prison authorities discovered she had a six-year-old daughter.

She was warned that Watkins posed a “serious threat towards your daughter’s safety and your own wellbeing.”

Watkins, who was described as plumbing “new depths of depravity” at his 2013 trial, signed off his sick notes as “The King of Dancers”, “Trouble” and “The Boy Wonder”.

He begged: “The next things I want to get from you are your phone number and lots of hot pics. Think you can handle that? I guess we will see! Clock’s ticking …”

The pervert promised he would send the mum a “gold letter” if she gave in to his demands.

The woman told The Sun that she had a previous sexual encounter with Watkins before he was jailed, and still supported him.

“He’s a very sick man and I don’t think he’s in the right place, he needs to be in a proper hospital,” she said.

“I don’t condone what he did, no-one could. But he was a sex addict and a drug addict and clearly suffering from delusions. He wasn’t in his right mind.

“I don’t think he’s evil, he’s someone who needs help.”

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