Police have arrested a Chicago woman and charged her with murder after the shooting death of her 12-year-old son, which took place after she allegedly accused him of stealing a memory card from her computer.

Police say that Fallon Harris, 37, confronted her son, Kaden Ingram, on Saturday morning. During the confrontation, she allegedly demanded the boy give her the missing memory card, which she had last seen in her car. When Kaden said that he didn’t have the card, Harris allegedly became violent.

Prosecutors allege that Harris shot Kayden once, wounding him. As he lay wounded, she allegedly demanded again that he give her the memory card. When he said that he didn’t know where it was and didn’t have it, she allegedly shot him again. After the shooting, Harris allegedly contacted family members to tell them what happened. They contacted police.a bicycle in front of a blue car parked in a parking lot: Fallon Harris, 37, has been charged with first-degree murder 

The confrontation and shooting were caught on surveillance video inside the house.

Kaden’s father, who met police at the home, found the boy unresponsive in the kitchen. He was rushed to University of Chicago Medical Center, where he later died of his injuries.

In a statement to the Chicago Tribune, Cook County prosecutors said Harris had a concealed carry license for a weapon and had been exhibiting paranoid behavior. Authorities allege that she later led them to the murder weapon and admitted to the shooting. She has been charged with first-degree murder.

According to WGN-TV, family members said Harris has been suffering from paranoid delusions.

Harris appeared in court on Sunday. According to the Chicago Tribune, she was disruptive during the proceeding, claiming that she hadn’t spoken with her court-appointed attorney. At another point, she sobbed and asked to call her mother. A judge has denied bail.

Harris has not yet entered a plea.

Original Article: Ill. Mom Allegedly Killed Her 12-Year-Old Son Because She Thought He Stole Her Memory Card (msn.com)