Jon Stewart Admits Why He Was Wrong About Donald Trump

Jon Stewart admitted the mistake he made when Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for president in 2015.

Back then, the then-host of “The Daily Show” figured the reality TV personality was a comedic “gift from heaven.”

But in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter published Wednesday, Stewart said he misjudged, failing to consider that Trump’s “certainty, his ridiculousness, his shamelessness is what made him dangerous.”

“I thought it made him a buffoon, and I thought that’s what would disqualify him,” said Stewart, whose new Apple TV+ show “The Problem With Jon Stewart” debuts on Sept. 30.

“What it did is made him the perfect vessel,” Stewart continued. “You have to be shameless to do shameful things.”

“I’m not saying he’s the same as these figures, but the most dangerous figures are the ones that seem comic and absurd,” Stewart added. “Saddam Hussein seems absurd. Muammar Gaddafi would stand in a kaftan and rant like a madman.” 


  • Wrong again, boy-o. He told us what he planned to do FOR our country and then, tried to do it. Mr. Biden’s “build back better” was a slogan without bones, an alliterative thought without a plan – gobbledygook. This will be a four year snooze fest, at least, let’s hope so. We certainly don’t need him to do any damage.

  • Unbelievable…more ignorant liberal garbage!! How can anyone with half a brain think this country is safer & in better shape now, than it was under the Trump administration!! We’re sitting ducks for terrorists, illegal immigrants & now our own President (not that I recognize him, as so) is out to destroy us!!!

  • SCUM BAG you are for sure. >GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS >>> JON. Crazy Joe is destroying America and it s people. he is the lowest of the low. TRUMP 2024

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