Even though it did not offer any bombshell revelations, ever since the anxiously awaited report to Congress from the Pentagon on UFOs dropped, interest in UFOs and aliens has continued to rise. More and more websites, newsletters, Facebook pages, and TV shows devoted to UFOs and/or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are cropping up. 

Now, pop star and former teen idol Demi Lovato has announced that she will be hosting a new investigative TV series that probes UFOs.

The entitled Unidentified With Demi Lovato will be streaming on Peacock.  In the just-released trailer for the limited series, Lovato describes her own experience with a UFO.

“I had this crazy experience that happened to me in Joshua Tree,” the singer opens in the clip, recalling an incident that led them to proclaim themself a “UFO experiencer.”

“It was this bright light, kind of moved in, like, these weird ways that a plane wouldn’t move. My goal is to find out what really happened.” 

The show, which features Demi, her sister Dallas, and best friend Matthew Scott Montgomery as investigators, is described as “a completely unplugged look at the singer and something they truly believe in.” 

Which many say is a wonderful change of pace from the typical “search for UFOs” Tv shows seen on Discovery and the like. This is the first of its kind show that is hosted not by a skeptic seeking to disprove or provide “logical explanations” into what others saw but instead is a deep-dive by true believers into a search for answers. 

 It just feels genuine in a way that many of these extraterrestrial shows do not. 

The four-part unscripted show will debut on Peacock later this month, September 30.

This isn’t Demi’s first foray into documentary storytelling, as Lovato recently starred in the docuseries Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil, which premiered at this year’s SXSW Film Festival. The YouTube Originals docuseries explored Lovato’s struggles with addiction and her work in recovery.