According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, a California judge has dismissed the case after the statute of limitations expired.

The anonymous accuser — who is referred to as “Jane Doe” in the documents — claimed that she was physically abused and raped on multiple occasions during her relationship with Manson.

Judge Gregory Keosian of the Los Angeles County Superior Court ruled on Tuesday, September 14, that the woman’s initial complaint — which was filed in May 2021 — expired due to the statute of limitations.

The accuser’s claims against the music artist were reportedly “not sufficient to invoke the delayed discovery rule.”

Manson reportedly filed a request on September 9 to have the case dismissed due to the statute of limitations, however he agreed to participate in a settlement conference, per Page Six.

The rocker also objected to the woman’s choice to remain unnamed as “Jane Doe.”

According to the plaintiff’s initial complaint, the sexual abuse occured throughout their relationship in 2011, but she “repressed” the memories until this February, when other survivors began to speak out about their experience of sexual abuse with Manson.

The judge, however, insisted that the woman’s lawsuit “alleged neither when the repression began — such as immediately after the events took place, or outside the limitations period — nor its nature or extent, such as what memories were repressed or the extent to which Plaintiff was prevented from recalling them,” per the court documents.

The judge assigned the accuser 20 days to refile the lawsuit, which the woman’s attorneys claim she will follow through with.

“Marilyn Manson wants to silence our client about her rape,” the accuser’s lawyers, Adam Wolf and Tracey Cowan,said in a statement toPEOPLE. “He tried to use technical legal arguments to get her case thrown out altogether. The judge thoughtfully analyzed the case law, and rightfully held that her case can go forward, so long as she amends her Complaint to add some additional details.”

“We intend to amend those additional details very shortly, and look forward to the opportunity to make Manson answer for his actions,” the attorneys explained in the statement.

Manson has been accused by at least 15 other women of sexual or physical abuse, including his ex-girlfriend Ashley Morgan Smithline, Game Of ThronesEsmé Bianco, and actress Evan Rachel Wood.