8-Year-Old Dragged by Mother’s Car While Trying to Stop Her from Drunk Driving

A California woman has been arrested after she reportedly dragged her young daughter and another bystander with her vehicle after the child tried to stop her from drunk driving, according to police.

Earlier this week, 44-year-old Erin Garcia of Laguna Niguel left her mother’s home in Placentia while she was allegedly intoxicated, police said in a press release.

Garcia’s 8-year-old daughter became worried about her mother driving in that state and grabbed the door handle of the passenger side of her car, telling her to stop, said the Placentia Police Department.

According to authorities, Garcia looked at her daughter and proceeded to drive away, dragging the child alongside the vehicle for around 300 feet.

An adult male bystander then took notice of the situation and intervened, trying to aid the young girl away from the car alongside the child’s grandmother. Garcia then drove away once more, this time with the bystander now being dragged for a “short distance,” per police.a woman smiling for the camera: An adult male bystander was later dragged by the car as well after he decided to intervene, said the Placentia Police Department 

After the unidentified man was able to get away from the vehicle, police said that Garcia then drove away from the scene of the crime altogether.

A short time later, Garcia was found hiding behind bushes in the backyard of the grandmother’s home. Officers attempted to take the woman into custody, though she initially resisted, before she was successfully captured without later incident, police shared.a car that is sitting on a table: Getty 

After being transported to the Orange County Jail, Garcia was charged with the following street charges: Assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment, and battery against a police officer.

The child and the man who were involved in the incident were both brought to hospitals within the area with “moderate injuries,” police noted.

Anyone with information on the case is now being asked to call Placentia Police Detectives at (714) 993-8164 or submit an anonymous tip to Orange County Crime Stoppers at (855) TIP-OCCS or on their website.

Original Article: Mom Arrested After Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Was Dragged by Her Car While Trying to Stop Her from Drunk Driving (msn.com)


  • The woman should suffer the same way her daughter suffered.

  • How sad when an 8 year old child is more of an adult than the parent.

  • As a child of an alcoholic, I feel the pain of this poor child, but I also feel sad for her mother who turns into a monster after a couple of drinks. It really is a disease, but obviously an unacceptable one. Everybody knows that alcohol and cars don’t mix, but alcohol and kids also don’t mix. I pray that the mom finds the help she needs, and that her daughter be allowed to remain a child. Perhaps the father or grand parents can intercede here.

  • What man would even consider having sex with that mess? This woman should do prison time and never be able to see her child again.

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