Dog the Bounty Hunter Says He’s Closing in on Brian Laundrie

Dog the Bounty Hunter has only been on the Brian Laundrie case for a few days, but TMZ has learned he now says Laundrie is alive, and Dog feels he’s close to capturing him.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Dog is rolling to a remote site where he says Laundrie is hiding. Dog says he’ll be at the site in less than an hour. We’re told Dog had obtained information that leads him to believe Laundrie was alive and moving around as of 10 PM on Tuesday.

Dog says his latest information — 12 hours old — is that Laundrie is alive and evading capture.

Dog is working with a team that includes skilled ground and boat crews.

Obviously, we cannot confirm Laundrie’s location or whether he’s even alive, but we’re reporting what Dog is saying. We will obviously update once Dog gets to the location.

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  • Ya gotta love Dog he finds them when others can’t, he went through hell catching that guy in Mexico but got it done.

  • Almost doesn’t count. Closing in doesn’t count. Dog is a clown with bleached hair. He needs to get a haircut and dress age appropriately. He would be more credible if he teamed up with Marylyn Manson or Rupaul.

    • You’re a clown with no hair, maybe you should team up with Rupaul maybe borrow a wig. Dog catches these people when others can’t.

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