A Florida man who was under house arrest has been accused of fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend after snapping off his GPS ankle monitor and going to her home.

Miami-Dade police said Hugues Dorvilus, 29, broke off his ankle monitor on Wednesday morning and traveled to a trailer park in North Miami-Dade, where he stabbed Emicherline Etienne, 23, as she slept, according to The Miami Herald.

Dorvilus then fled the trailer park, sparking a manhunt that lasted several hours until he was apprehended in Lauderhill.

He was booked into a Miami-Dade jail and charged with first-degree murder and armed burglary. Under Florida law on murder cases, Dorvilus will be held in jail until his trial.

The 29-year-old was already facing several domestic violence charges, after allegations that he beat Etienne on two separate occasions and pointed a gun at her.

A police report obtained by the Herald said Dorvilus had been arrested on June 1 after an argument between the couple. He was later fitted with a GPS ankle monitor and ordered to stay in his home until his trial.

During the June argument, Dorvilus had reportedly pointed his 9mm gun at Etienne after she said she wanted to end their six-year relationship.

According to police, he said: “If you try and leave me, I will shoot you dead.”

The pair struggled for the weapon, which resulted in Dorvilus discharging the firearm and wounding himself in the leg, the report added.

He was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm.

When speaking to police, Etienne described two previous incidents when Dorvilus had allegedly been violent towards her—in July 2018 and November 2019.

This led police to charge Dorvilus with aggravated battery and misdemeanor battery.

Newsweek has contacted the Miami-Dade Police Department for comment.

The attack comes a month after a Florida woman was accused of killing her 15-month-old daughter and stabbing her husband and teenage daughter.

Miami-Dade officers found the injured husband in the yard of their home in West Little River.

The family’s four other children, who were all aged under 11, were in the house at the time.

The three victims were taken to hospital, where the 15-month-old girl died from her injuries. The 38-year-old woman is in custody.

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