According to Deadline, the actress specifically requests documents and correspondence, “Did the Saenz and Hadden agents comply with LAPD policies, procedures and protocols when responding to the May 21, 2016 report on Miss Heard.” She also wants to see the raw images of the body cameras worn by the officers that night.

The two agents involved have already testified in the Johnny Depp v. Sun case. Melissa Sainz then revealed that Heard accused Depp that night of hitting her in the face with his phone. The officer found no injuries. According to Deadline, camera images in this condition showed that the visit was quiet and the apartment was in good condition.

Depp and Heard divorced in 2016. Since then, the actress has accused him of domestic violence. The Pirates of the Caribbean star previously sued British newspaper The Sun for writing about the charges, calling him a “wife killer.” The judge ruled that defamation was not required because he considered twelve of the fourteen charges proven.

The new case revolves around a presentation that Hurd wrote in the Washington Post where she explains her experience of abusive relationships without naming Depp. Depp is seeking damages in the amount of $ 50 million (42.6 million euros). Hurd also filed a lawsuit against him, claiming € 100 million (€ 85.2 million).

For the original audio that started the controversy, take a look at this video by HyperEntertainment