Hollywood actor Vin Diesel decided to reveal the secret of his feud with colleague Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which has been dragging on for several years.

In 2016, a big conflict arose between the two great Hollywood actors. Stars of “Fast and the Furious” quarreled so that they still do not communicate with each other. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson prefer to remain at their own discretion, so they never name the reasons for the conflict. The other day, Vin talked with the journalists of the world-famous gloss Men’s Health, and slightly opened the curtain of such a long war.

The reason for the conflict between the actors

It’s no secret that Diesel is the producer of the Fast and Furious street racing franchise. The film already has 9 episodes, which break all records for views in cinemas, so Vin invests a lot in his films. It is important for him that everything is perfect and as realistic as possible. This is why he used a very “tough” approach to Dwayne Johnson when he joined the Fast and the Furious team.

The character played by Skala appeared in the successful film only in the fifth part. At that time, Dwayne already had 10 years of work experience in Hollywood behind his big shoulders. For Diesel, the colleague’s experience seemed not impressive enough. He nagged Johnson for literally every little thing, trying to make his game perfect.

“This character, the hero of Luke Hobbs, was very difficult to translate into reality on the screen. At that time, I was determined to act extremely tough, but this was all done with the best intentions. I wanted to achieve the acting that was important and necessary for us ” – says the celebrity.

Diesel also admitted that he never regretted what happened. In his opinion, the Luke Hobbs that the audience sees is his merit as well. He is proud of his work, because the most important thing is the impressions that certain heroes leave in the hearts of fans.

Dwayne Johnson’s reaction to a colleague’s words

Shortly after the Vin Diesel interview was published, Scala spoke with reporters from another publication. Gloss The Hollywood Reporter asked Dwayne to comment on the words of his big rival. Johnson reacted ambiguously, he also did not comment in detail on the interview of his colleague. However, Hollywood’s highest paid actor reported that “Laughed for a very long time” over how Vin Diesel explained their conflict.