Snoop Dogg is one of the most well-known rappers in the music business. The performer is known for his hits such as “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” “Gin and Juice,” “What’s My Name,” and more (via Billboard). However, his fame has also brought him several connections, which he’s used to forge some very interesting friendships with other big named stars. According to The Talko, Snoop has many celebrity friends including No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, actress Cameron Diaz, former “Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev, fellow performer DJ Khaled, supermodel Heidi Klum, singer Pharrell, Oscar winner Brad Pitt, basketball player Matt Barnes, actor Denzel Washington, comedian Seth Rogen, “Pitch Perfect” star Anna Kendrick, soccer icon David Beckham, and many more.

However, his friendship with celebrity chef Martha Stewart may be the most interesting of all, per Insider. The duo first met in 2008 when Snoop appeared on Stewart’s show. The pair struck up an unlikely friendship, which fans saw play out on social media and through multiple television appearances. Finally, in 2016, the pair announced that they were collaborating on a joining cooking show called “Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.”

Although Snoop has a very eclectic group of buddies, some fans may be surprised that he’s also chummy with royal brothers Prince William and Prince Harry.

Fox News reports that Snoop Dogg recently opened up about his relationship with Prince William and Prince Harry. The rapper admitted that he became friends with Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ sons after he learned that they were fans. “Harry and William are my boys,” the performer told The Mirror. “As soon as I knew they were fans I reached out to them and we’ve been cool ever since. I look out for them and they can reach out to me whenever they want — they know that.” After exiting the roles as senior members of the royal family in 2020, Harry and his wife Meghan Markle moved to Montecito, California where Snoop and his family also reside.

The hitmaker admitted that he admires Meghan and Harry for their decision to leave the royal lifestyle behind. “Him and Meghan are living their lives like they want and that can’t be an easy thing with the whole world judging them,” he said. “They got to live life their way — they get a lot of respect from me for that,” Snoop added. He even extended an invite for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to spend the holidays with his family. “If they want to come over for Thanksgiving dinner they are in for something special. They can come over to Snoop’s crib,” he quipped.

It’s unclear whether Meghan and Harry will take Snoop up on his offer, but fans would surely love to see that Thanksgiving gathering.