A Florida man is facing a premeditated first-degree murder charge after allegedly killing his fiancée and then driving her body to a Walmart and leaving the truck behind in the parking lot.

The body of Jeanine Bishop, 67, was found in the parking lot in the town of Sebastian, about 90 miles southeast of Orlando, on Tuesday morning.

Police soon tracked down Michael Despres, 56, who was milling about at the scene to question him about how his truck, a black Chevy pickup, and fiancée ended up in the parking lot.Walmart Supercenter in Sebastian, Florida.

Despres made “cryptic” comments about Bishop’s whereabouts while speaking to officers. As detectives questioned Despres, he confessed to killing Bishop and then “staging” her body in the truck, Sebastian police said.

Details of Bishop’s injury were not released.

“Without any doubt, this is due to the swift and exceptional work of the men and women working this investigation that it was able to be solved so quickly and efficiently,” Sebastian police chief Dan Acosta told Sebastian Daily.

Original Article: Florida man killed fiancée, staged fake crime scene at Walmart parking lot (msn.com)