Washington man who was killed after being struck by a car in a tragic accident was just days away from getting married.

According to an obituary published by his family on the Hennessey Valley Funeral Home and Crematory website, as reported by the Spokesman-Review on Tuesday, Christopher Goles, 47, from Redmond, had been due to marry “the love of his life” Shiloh Shuman, on Saturday, October 2.

Goles died after being hit by a car while waiting for a tow truck near Spokane International Airport on September 29. He had arrived in Spokane to put the finishing touches to the plans for his wedding later that week.

According to the obituary, Goles was a talented athlete who held both a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Washington and an MBA from the University of Colorado.

The obituary describes Goles and Shuman as “partners and best friends” and a couple who had “built a beautiful life” together.

“Shiloh was the love of Chris’ life, and his family takes comfort in knowing he was full of love, joy and anticipation at his passing,” it says.

According to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, Goles was hit by an oncoming Subaru while attempting to cross West Westbow Boulevard on foot to meet a tow truck driver.

Goles’ Honda SUV had earlier been involved in an unrelated one-vehicle crash on Westbow and South Spotted Road. He had called a tow truck and was crossing the road on foot to meet him when the accident occurred.

The driver of the Subaru told the sheriff’s office he “didn’t have time to react” before his vehicle hit Goles. He immediately pulled over and began performing CPR as per the instructions of a Spokane Regional Communications 911 operator.

Medical personnel arrived at the scene soon after to take over but, despite their best efforts, Goles was pronounced dead shortly after.

The driver of the Subaru involved in the collision remained at the scene throughout and agreed to undergo an evaluation for impairment by a drug recognition expert.

The evaluation concluded that the driver did not seem impaired. He also agreed to provide a voluntary blood sample for further testing. The motorist was not charged over the incident.

Described as a man with a “bright personality and an even bigger heart”, Goles is survived by his fiancé, his Boston Terrier Sherman, his sister Caroline and his parents Ronald and Mary.

His passing comes after another bride-to-be in North Carolina suffered a similar personal tragedy after her groom died as a result of a suspected blood clot that developed while he was recovering from the effects of COVID-19.

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