Customer Attacks McDonald’s Worker with Fry Scooper

An impatient McDonald’s customer apparently wasn’t “lovin’ it” when she had to wait and resorted to hitting one of the employees with a metal french fry scoop, according to the Nashville Police Department in Tennessee.

Specifically, the woman “got angry about her wait time on french fries,” officials said in a release. “When the food took longer than she expected, she went behind the counter and punched an employee with the metal fry scooper,” police said in a news release.

“The assault left a gash on the victim’s forehead.”

The woman then left the restaurant and was seen driving off in a silver Chevy Impala, officials said. The woman was accompanied by “a friend and children,” officials said.

The identify and medical condition of the McDonald’s employee were not released. Investigators released a series of surveillance photos Thursday, in hopes the woman could be identified and questioned as part of the investigation.

The images show the woman was wearing a mask to protect against COVID-19, but had it pulled down below her chin. The incident happened Oct. 2 at the McDonald’s on Brick Church Pike, which is just off Interstate 65 in north Nashville, officials said. Stainless steel french fry scoops — which have multiple sharp corners— are used by many fast-food restaurants as a safe way “to dispense a precise amount of french fries … in the quickest, most efficient way possible,” according to the National Museum of American History.

The reported attack comes as frustrations are high at the nation’s restaurants.

Four out of five fast-food restaurants are understaffed due to jobs lost during the pandemic, according to the National Restaurant Association. Some restaurants have resorted to cutting hours, closing additional days and cutting back on their menus, the association reports.


  • Let’s see now. It takes about 30 seconds to dump fries in the basket, about 3 minutes to fry them, and maybe another 30 seconds to dump them out of the basket and salt them. Unless an employee delayed starting a batch of fries, this woman would not have had more than a 5 minute wait. It takes at least that long to cook and assemble a burger. Do the surveillance videos show how long her wait actually was?

    • IMHO
      it shouldnt matter how long she waited…. If it was 10 minutes or if it were 2 hours, NOTHING JUSTIFIES her violent assault on a person.
      she could have responded a dozen different ways, expressed her disgust and irritation fully and made certain that the problem was brought to the attention of management, but the attacker gave zero shits about what the right and appropriate response should have and could have been.
      This individual is so narcissistic that they felt they have license to injure some person working his\her hump off for minimum wage to feed themselves and their family. The person is special.. so special that the other person should bleed because the holy one has been inconvenienced.

      What disgusts me, is that in times of crisis, whether hurricane, prolonged freezing weather or global pandemic…two things happen.

      1. People pull together during hardship. In ways they never imagined possible, they make it work for each other until life gets back to normal.
      Sharing burdens and blessings with people they barely knew when trouble first came.

      2. Other people begin to prey on the vulnerable.

      Its like every time there is a crisis, these wicked people seem to come out of the woodwork…
      Not just the thugs you see everyday out here.
      People, that you would never imagine to posess such a dark spirit, suddenly, without warning snap and act in a depraved and base manner…with complete disregard for others.

      Nuff said !!

    • It doesn’t matter how long it took . The customer had no right going behind the counter

  • Let me guess the Political leaning and color of the Brutalizer?

  • Um wow. Ive actually dealt with people like that having worked in fast food all my life. More than once ive had to stop myself from slapping them but it probably wouldnt have helped. Some people have no class and no manners

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