Foodies shocked after diners rack up $70k bill at Salt Bae’s restaurant

If you’re a foodie who dreamed of dining at the table of celebrity chef ‘Salt Bae’, you may want to think again – it turns out it’s not a dream that comes cheap. 

Celebrity chef Nusret Gokce, dubbed by many online as ‘Salt Bae’, is a handsome Istanbul-based butcher and owner of the popular restaurant chain Nusr-Et Steakhouse. 

Gokce became an internet sensation back in 2017 for the flamboyant way he sprinkled salt on meat. 

Now with 13 restaurants around the world, Gokce opened his first UK restaurant earlier this year, and London diners have reportedly been flocking to try the gold-leaf encrusted steaks and baklavas. 

But after a Reddit user posted a Snapchat screenshot of a diner’s receipt into the ‘London’ sub-Reddit, fellow Londoners were shocked at the insane bills the restaurant racks up. 

With ‘golden tomahawk’ steak coming in at £850 (NZ$1650), four golden baklavas for £200 (NZ$400), and some absolutely eye-watering booze prices – the diners managed to rack up a £37,000 bill. That’s about NZ$71,870. 

2 thoughts on “Foodies shocked after diners rack up $70k bill at Salt Bae’s restaurant

  1. These people are DISGUSTING! And know what? Their crap is going to be as foul stench when they go for a dump, than if they ate ‘normal foods’! But GO FOR IT, DEMONICrats, you won’t need to eat where you’re going! YOU MAKE ME PUKE!

  2. Who THE FUCK cares about any of this, what moron spends this kind of money on anything to eat, nevertheless on a restaurant where the main attraction is a chef who sprinkles salt, PT Barnum was definitely correct about suckers……

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