Michael J. Fox, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 30 years ago and retired from acting last year, reveals he’s doing well health wise.

In a new interview with Variety, the Back to the Future star shares he’s doing much better thanks to new medications that have become available over the years. 

“They are therapies that have made life a lot better for a lot of people,” he told Variety. “I enjoy life more. I’m more comfortable in my skin than I was 20 years ago. I can sit down and be calm. I couldn’t do that 25 years ago. That’s the medications, the drug cocktails and therapies that we’ve been a part of.”

Fox started The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research 20 years ago with the intent to finally find a cure for the debilitating disease.

The Mayo Clinic defines the disease as “a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. Symptoms start gradually, sometimes starting with a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand. Tremors are common, but the disorder also commonly causes stiffness or slowing of movement.” 

Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1991 at just 29 years old. He’s vowed to continue the search for ways to prevent the disease “until it happens.” His foundation hosts an annual fundraising gala, though last year’s event was postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19.

“If we can find ways to identify the condition before it’s evident, if we could take a piece of hair and find it, then we could treat it prophylactically and then maybe you don’t get it,” the 60-year-old actor told the outlet. “What I am most proud of his the way we have galvanized this community. We can get stuff done. I just want to get this done,” he told Variety about finding a cure for the disease.

“I’m committed to this. I won’t stop until it happens.” Fox continued, saying that he’s in a great place health wise. “I feel great. I love life. It’s great to be a part of something so important substantial.”