Ungrateful Daughter Throws Mom’s Gift in the Trash – Gets Taught a Harsh Lesson

This mom transformed a meltdown into a teaching opportunity about the powers of giving and gratitude.

Florida mom Haley Hassell noticed that her 6-year-old daughter, Presleigh, was nervous since starting first grade. So as good moms do, she tried to make her feel better and thought she had the perfect remedy.

Daughter throws mom’s gift in the trash

Presleigh was asking for a LOL-brand pencil box, like the one other kids had in her class, so Haley decided to pick one up when she was out shopping for school supplies. Finally, after three stores she bought one as a surprise.

But she didn’t get the reaction she expected.

“Presleigh learned a tough love lesson today,” the mom wrote in a 2019 Facebook post. “I went to 3 different stores to get that LOL pencil box you see in the trash there. When I surprised her with it this afternoon (just knowing she would be ecstatic) she stared at it and threw it in the trash and slammed the bedroom door. She yelled ‘that’s stupid, everyone in my class has that..I don’t want it anymore!’ 🛑🤯🤔..WHHHHAT STOP COME AGAIN?”

Transforming anger into a valuable lesson

Haley was shocked by her daughters response.

“So by this time there was probably smoke coming out of my ears and I’m trying real hard not to completely lose it on this kid that I have worked so hard to completely take care of financially on my own & make sure she always gets what she needs and then some,” she wrote. “BUT I thought I had always taught her to be grateful & know how lucky she was but apparently sis needed a small wake up call!!”

So, Haley got creative.

“SO before completely going Madea mad on my child I check myself and say, “okay that’s fine, let me go get the one you’re going to use”…came back with her new pencil box, which is the Ziploc bag.”

As to be expected, the 6-year-old didn’t like the Ziploc pencil box very much.

“She lost her mind! Suddenly the LOL Box she just trashed was good enough and the Ziploc bag was horrible…but it’s too late for all that.”

Instead of caving into her daughter’s disappointment, the mom transformed the dramatic situation into a learning lesson about helping others.

“I told her to get the LOL out of the trash and we would be finding a child to give it to tomorrow..one whose mommy and daddies don’t have money for any school supplies or someone who may not even have a mommy or daddy,” Haley wrote. “I explained to her she’s not entitled to anything special and she is taking for granted how lucky she is… So for now she will be using a Ziploc bag & will personally be delivering the nice box to a child that could benefit from it.”

Haley concluded the post with a valuable lesson about gratitude.

“Maybe I overreact sometimes but I would’ve done anything to have all the things she does as a child. I truly believe changing your perception & just being grateful can turn around any situation in life.🙏🏻

Teaching the importance of gratitude

The mom’s post has since earned more than 135,000 reactions and she was interviewed on Good Morning America. She got a lot of positive feedback, but also faced some criticism.

“I got personal messages in my inbox saying that I was a monster mother … they were saying I was a bad parent and bad parents raise bad children,” she told GMA. “I was just on a rant when I wrote it. I didn’t think people were going to share it. People were saying I was publicly shaming my daughter, which I don’t really agree with.”

The pencil case story has a happy ending. Presleigh ended up mailing it to a 5-year-old girl in Utah as well as some other school supplies.

“Presleigh thought that was really cool. She understood once we were shopping for other children,” Haley said, adding that it gave Presleigh “perspective.”

“Having a positive outlook can make or break you in life — I want her to know that,” she added. “Nothing is going to be easy, but when something is given to you, you’ve got to be grateful.”

It’s always good to be grateful

Money doesn’t grow on trees. So it was understandable that this mom was upset when her daughter didn’t want the gift she worked so hard to get. But instead of getting angry, as many of us would be, this mom did something far more constructive. She punished her daughter while at the same time showing her the importance of both giving and of gratitude. And those are lessons we all need to be reminded of at any age.

Always be grateful for the little things

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” – Amy Collette

Original Article: https://www.goalcast.com/daughter-throws-moms-gift-in-the-trash-gets-lesson/


  • What a good Mom! Awesome

  • Lillian Reheusser

    Near perfect mother. Keep it up and your daughter will grow into a near perfect human being. Love this. Reminds me of my mother, and I grew up to be nearly perfect….

  • Most parents still have not learned that habitually showering your child with many gifts and what they want creates a greedy, self-centered child. My generation, many of whom came from parents who were rationed during WWII, were used to very few gifts for any given occasion. We became quite generous with our own kids; it was a big mistake! “Doing without” and “living within your means” are among the most valuable lessons we can teach our youngsters; some kids will grow up with a greedy outlook, no matter what. Strength of character does not usually come from the Easy Road, however, and we never gave Santa the credit for Christmas presents: “Gifts are from people who love you,” and “No, we’re not going into debt for what we can’t afford; no credit card.”

  • Valerie W Sandell

    Experienced the same results when I purchased 3 bra and matching panties for my teen ager. Thought she would be so thrilled. Not so, I put the pretty purchase on her bed. Couldn’t wait for her to come home and see my purchase. First reaction : took items and swiped them off the bed to the floor. So long ago this happened I think I gathered up the items and returned to store. Now she has 3 grown girls of her own and I wonder????

  • Wise mom! Kids expect too much and are so spoiled. I think the mom did the right thing.

  • Those calling her a bad Mom prob all libtards that voted for Sleepy Joe.

  • Brilliant idea …..she could have easily started to yell and scream at her daughter and /or left the pencil box in the trash ( maybe sneaking if out later ) or given in to the tears but instead gave her a lesson in not only gratitude but giving to others and yes forgiveness because obviously she loves her child enough to educate her not ” punish ” her harshly ….kids need to learn there are consequences to their actions ….this little girl got to learn so much more and that will be a lesson that will definitely have a positive effect …I bet she now looks for reasons to give and will never have another meltdown over a present again ….and its all from a one time ” punishment ” …..again brilliant !

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