The fact that Nick Nolte looks so different without a beard is a testament to how quickly we get used to things. Nolte appeared in dozens of movies over the years.

In fact, he started his career in the late sixties. For most of those films, Nolte sported a bare face. However, some years ago, he started rocking an impressive snow-white beard. There’s an “Old Saint Nick” joke in there somewhere. I’m sure of it.

Nick Nolte sported a beard for roles in films like A Walk in the Woods (2015), Tropic Thunder (2008), and The Padre (2018). When he debuted his crop of facial hair, it shocked many of his fans.

However, we all got used to it over the years. After all, who wouldn’t sport a beard if it grew in like his? Recently, Nolte reverted to a clean-shaven look for his upcoming film Rittenhouse, according to The Daily Mail.

In the upcoming film, Nick Nolte plays a homeless man who lives in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He befriends a local youth. The film follows their relationship over the years.

Some eagle-eyed passers-by spotted Nolte sporting smooth cheeks for a scene and the contrast between that and his look from just days ago is blowing the collective mind of his fanbase.

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Nick Nolte’s Beard Stuns Tabloid Reporters

As previously noted, The Daily Mail was blown away by Nick Nolte’s lack of facial fuzz. However, the presence of an impressive crop of whiskers shocked them in 2013. In September of that year, they ran a story about Nolte’s impressive snow-white chin warmer.

That article started with, “He was once the World’s Sexiest Man,” then went on to talk about spotting him at the fair with his family. However, most of the piece was, of course, focused firmly on his facial hair.

We can learn a few things from this timeline. First and foremost, we, as a people, keep an eye on our celebrities. Any change in their appearance is noteworthy.

However, we tend to adapt to change pretty quickly. For instance, Nick Nolte’s beard went from shocking to just kind of there. Later it became part of the image of him we held in our minds. Today, that once-shocking mane is only surprising in its absence.

The second, and more important, lesson is that Nick Nolte grows one hell of a beard. He has rocked it at several lengths. However, it is always full, lush, and white as the driven snow.

I really hope the Rittenhouse crew dropped some extra money in his contract for shaving such an impressive specimen.

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