There’s a new Buzz Lightyear in town — a younger one, more flesh than plastic — and he’s being played by Chris Evans … sparking a convo about whether Tim Allen was stiffed over politics.

Disney just released the trailer for their ‘Toy Story’ prequel, titled simply “Lightyear,” and it’s all about Buzz’s origin story — before he was reimagined as an action figure, it seems.

Like we said, CE was cast to voice the character — and while we don’t hear him talk much in this teaser, he does utter a word at the end that gives a glimpse of what he’ll sound like. Frankly, it’s very Allen-esque, which begs the question … why not just tap TA again???

That’s what’s at debate here, and there are different POVs on the matter. For one, some are happy to be done with the Tim Allen-Buzz Lightyear era … calling Chris an “upgrade.” Part of the reasoning behind that though is political, as the amateur critics don’t like Tim’s political views.

As you know, Tim’s a proud conservative, and in recent years he’s had to deal with some backlash in largely liberal Hollywood for it — especially in the Trump era. So it makes ya wonder … if Tim was a liberal, would people be so happy to discard him?

There’s another take, which is the flick captures Buzz’s younger years, so it makes sense he’d have a slightly different, younger-sounding voice — so, it might not be a political cheap shot at all.

One way to truly gauge this might be if Woody gets a prequel, and Tom Hanks gets the cowboy boot for a new voice actor. If so, then this would not be shade at Tim — but if they stuck with Tom … you’d have to say something’s amiss.

To infinity … and beyond the pale???