Gwyneth Paltrow admitted to trolling Martha Stewart with a ‘Jailbird Cake’ recipe on Goop during a remote appearance Thursday on Watch What Happens Live.

The 49-year-old Oscar-winning actress made the revelation while playing the Bravo talk show’s signature game Plead The Fifth with host Andy Cohen, 53.

The Los Angels native looked lovely in a one-shoulder Robin egg blue top and admitted to Andy that she got full hair and make-up as she promoted her new Netflix reality series ‘Sex, Love And Goop’.

Trolling admission: Gwyneth Paltrow admitted to trolling Martha Stewart with a 'Jailbird Cake' recipe on Goop during a remote appearance Thursday on Watch What Happens Live

Gwyneth previously played Plead The Fifth, in which guests can refuse to answer one out of three personal questions, when she appeared in-person on WWHL in January 2015.

Andy started the game by asking the Goop founder to rank the three Iron Man films in which she played Pepper Potts in order from her favorite to least favorite.

‘One, three, two,’ Gwyneth responded.

Andy for his second question asked Gwyneth for her reaction to hearing actress Glenn Close, 74, tell a journalist last year that she thought Fernanda Montenegro, 92, should have won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1998 instead of Gwyneth.

‘I just heard this from you, Andy. I never heard about this,’ answered Gwyneth, who opted to Plead The Fifth on the question.

‘Well, I guess I have to, because I don’t know enough about it,’ said Gwyneth, who won the Oscar for her work in Shakespeare In Love.

Andy then brought up the 2014 ‘Conscious Coupling’ article by  Martha Stewart, 80,  about food pairings that played on Gwyneth’s ‘conscious uncoupling’ from ex-husband Chris Martin, 44.

And very soon after, Goop featured a recipe for a Jail Bird cake. Was Goop trolling Martha Stewart with the cake recipe or did we make this up?,’ Andy asked.

‘Yes,’ Gwyneth confirmed.

Andy then thanked Gwyneth for  playing Plead The Fifth.

Gwyneth also was asked if the rumors were true that she would be returning as Pepper Potts in the upcoming Disney+ series Armor Wars.

‘Not that I know of,’ Gwyneth said.

Gwyneth earlier reflected on her journey as an actress to public voice about sex.

‘Well, it’s interesting. I’m very into wellness and this idea that we can all take small steps to really improve the way that we feel and the kid of quality of the relationships we have, etc. And it came to me in the last couple of years that sexual wellness is an important pillar in overall wellness,’ she said.

‘We want to break down that shame around sexuality and have these conversations so that other people feel, you know, free to be curious and ask questions as well,’ Gwyneth added.

She also revealed that her 17-year-old daughter Apple has yet to see any of her movies.

When asked which film she would recommend for Apple to see first, Gwyneth suggested her 2001 film The Royal Tenenbaums.

‘Sex, Love And Goop’ premiered Thursday on Netflix with sex episodes following couples on their journey to better sex with the help of Gwyneth and a team of experts.