A squabble over a fast-food order between a father and son has led to an attempted murder charge in Utah.

Insider reports that 31-year-old Alika Suliafu was arrested on Oct. 21 in Bountiful, about a 20-minute drive north from Salt Lake City, and it was all apparently over chicken wings.

Per an arrest affidavit cited by ABC4, Suliafu’s father came home with the wings order, and a fight ensued once Suliafu saw what kind of meal he was about to eat.

“When (Suliafu) discovered the wings were not the variety he liked, he became upset and began to argue,” reads a probable cause statement from Bountiful police, per the Standard-Examiner. Suliafu then allegedly went to another room, retrieved a firearm from his dad’s bag, and pointed it straight at his father, who pleaded with him not to shoot.

The father also wisely ducked, so when Suliafu did pull the trigger, the bullet whizzed by him, instead passing through a wall and into a neighbor’s dishwasher, per the affidavit.

Police say the two men then scuffled as the father tried to get the gun away from his son, and two more shots ended up getting fired into the ceiling. The father says he was then able to eject the gun’s magazine and run out of the residence.

Suliafu was gone by the time police arrived, but he was taken into custody later. On Tuesday, a first-degree felony attempted murder charge was filed against him by the Davis County Attorney’s Office, as well as a charge for felony discharge of a firearm.

Police have asked that Suliafu not be granted bail, as he’s serving a plea in abeyance for an assault charge.