Strange Restaurant Offers “Human Meat Burger”

A company in Sweden created a burger that tasted like “human flesh” as part of a temporary cannibalistic-like offer last week.

People were offered the chance to discover what they may taste like after the Human Meat Burger was launched by world-renowned company Oumph.

Fortunately, Oumph is a plant-based company which means that no humans were actually harmed in the making of the production.

The company said they had launched the promotion to show people how to eat plant-based food, reports News AU.

But despite it being a clever stunt, users online were left split between whether the promotion was morally correct.

One person wrote under Oumph’s Instagram post: “I wish I could try this.”

While another said: “I’m all over it. If it’s not made from an animal, it’s vegan.

A third person questioned: “Is it creepy that I wanna try it?”

But not everyone saw the funny side, with one user even classing the promotion as “satanic filth”.

“How is this in any way funny….I’m side-eyeing this,” one user said.

While another said: “Are you for real? That’s disgusting.”

Company co-founder Ankan Linden said: “We developed this burger in no time as soon as we knew what taste and texture we were after.

“This is our ultimate and weird way of showing that it’s possible to eat both plant-based and sustainable.”

His colleague, Henrik Akerman added: “For us, the most human way of having a burger is a plant-based one.”


  • It’s disgusting- and how I might ask, does anyone at the company actually know the consistency of human flesh or what it tastes like. Gross

  • my question how would they know how a human would taste…. actually I don’t want to know~~~

  • What Are We? Cannibals?

    It disgusts me how people try to “normalize” actions (eating human flesh) (even pretending to) that are nauseating.

  • How do they know what Humans taste like?

  • Sickening, should not be printed

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