Piers Morgan Destroys Alec Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin said she was “triggered” by her dad Alec’s accidental shooting on the set of Rust last month. Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, died after the 63-year-old actor fired a prop gun on a New Mexico film set.

At the weekend, eight people died and many more were injured due to crowd members being crushed at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival where 50,000 people attended in Houston.

Today, Piers Morgan, 56, shared his thoughts on Ireland Baldwin’s comments about the tragic event.

American news site Page Six shared Alec’s daughter’s original post on their Twitter page, to which the journalist slammed.

In view of her 681,000 followers, Ireland began by hitting out at people for “spreading misinformation on Twitter and TikTok”.

Piers Morgan said Alec Baldwin's family were 'tone deaf'

She then criticised those who she claimed were acting like “armony/stunt coordinations pros” following her dad’s shooting.

“I am heartbroken for the families who lost a loved one. Everyone should feel safe when they’re going to enjoy live music. But it’s not Travis Scott’s fault,” she penned.

The 26-year-old added that the rapper wouldn’t have been able to hear anyone screaming for help while on stage “especially when wearing in-ear monitors”.

She urged people to “do a little research” before “spewing cancel culture b******t”.

Piers commented: “Is there a more tone deaf family in America than the Baldwins?”

Many of his eight million followers flocked to his post to share their thoughts.

Shel wrote: “Wow. The world really is finished, isn’t it?”

Another penned: “What has she said that’s wrong?”


  • Sorry not a prop gun if it fires real bullets and has the capacity to kill, just like Alec !!!!

  • One of the first things that was drilled into my head was: TREAT EVERY GUN AS IF IT IS LOADED!! If he was rehearsing his move, he should have checked the gun regardless of what the armorer told him.

  • That is basic gun safety. Always check any gun to see if it is safe. Never rely on someone else’s statement that it is safe. NEVER point any gun at a person you do not wish to kill. Unless Mr. Baldwin was practicing killing Ms. Hutchins, he had no business pointing a gun at her. I’m sure that wasn’t in his script.

  • Big Mouth Baldwin was quick to tweet about a Police Office shooting a suspected criminal with the heartless message,wondering how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone’ So Mr. Baldwin where was the Gun Control you are always running your mouth about, where were the safety protocols. This Weapon was NOT a Prop, it was NOT made out of plastic or rubber it was in fact a Weapon. A Weapon is ALWAYS considered Loaded until the person holding the Weapon checks to ensure that it is not loaded. You NEVER Point a Weapon at anyone or thing that you do not intend to shoot and you never shoot anyone or thing that you do not intend to kill. So Mr. Baldwin I ask you again, just How Does it Feel???

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