First Trans Man in People’s ‘Sexiest Men Alive’

As a continued part of their Sexiest Man Alive coverage, People is showing off some more sexy men besides just this year’s choice Paul Rudd, and they’ve included a trans man for the first time!

“Well howdy, partner,” People wrote about Smith. “The 9-1-1: Lone Star star was one of People’s Ones to Watch in 2021 and we will definitely not have a hard time keeping an eye on him!” Amen to that!

“I’ve been called many things, this is a first,” Smith wrote on his Instagram. “Incredibly honored to be included in this list with so many actors I admire. Big love to [People] for the historic shout-out.”

Smith called the moment historic, because previously, no out trans men have been included in People’s coverage of the Sexiest Men Alive. This year’s list also included other queer stars like Smith’s Lone Star co-star Ronen Rubinstein (we have no clue why Rubinstein’s onscreen boyfriend Rafael Silva wasn’t included), and Pose star Dyllón Burnside.

Also this year, Lil Nas X was included in People’s Sexy Guys of 2021 countdown leading up to their announcement of Rudd as the choice.

X was included on the list alongside men like Christopher Meloni, Bad Bunny, Jason Mamoa, and Daniel Dae Kim. The magazine called his “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and “Industry Baby” videos “two of the steamiest of 2021.”

People also profiled Saturday Night Live star Bowen Yang, who talked to the magazine about his “morning after sexy” routine he uses to recover from SNL afterparties. “It’ll be bacon, egg, and cheese from some cute little bagel shop in Brooklyn, or fried dumplings,” he said.

“And any episode of 90 Day Fiancé because it’s so jarring that it literally is sobering. You just feel better about where you’re at in life.”


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