Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem are stepping into the roles of Hollywood television legends Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz for Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming biopic “Being the Ricardos.”

However, fans are still mad over the Oscar winners’ castings and how actress Debra Messing isn’t playing the iconic star. Viewers first got a taste of Messing’s resemblance to the “I Love Lucy” actress during a 2020 episode of “Will & Grace.”

“Being the Ricardos” dropped a new trailer Wednesday that got fans talking — and Messing devotees grumbling.

“Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball makes ZERO SENSE in a world where Debra Messing exists,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Another person responded to the casting, saying, “debra messing has the uncanny resemblance and comedic chops but they really cast nicole kidman because she’s more of a name. lucille deserves better honestly.”

Debra Messing
Debra Messing played the “I Love Lucy” actress during a 2020 episode of “Will & Grace.”

“Debra Messing was robbed of that role. She should truly play Lucille Ball. Miss me with Kidman,” added another user. “Should have been Debra Messing. Period,” stated one fan.

But Sorkin, 60, defended Kidman’s casting in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

“We made this movie during COVID, and so in Zooming with Nicole and Javier and everyone else, I’d make it very clear to them that I am not looking for a physical or vocal impersonation of these people,” the director said in response to the pushback he received.

The “Social Network” filmmaker continued, “Leading up to the first rehearsal, I’d write to [Nicole and Javier] every day, ‘Just play the characters who are in the script.’

“As far as audience anticipation, that’s something I’m just not worried about. I’m certain that when people see the movie, they’ll leave feeling that Nicole has made a very solid case for herself, but moreover, I’ve found that you can really leverage low expectations,” Sorkin added.

Nicole Kidman
Kidman stars alongside Javier Bardem in “Being the Ricardos.”

“Now the fact of the matter is when Nicole, as Lucille Ball, plays Lucy Ricardo, I think she does an incredible job of mimicking Lucy,” he said. “Finding an actress who looked like Lucille Ball wasn’t important to me, especially because I was excited by the idea that Lucille Ball doesn’t look like Lucille Ball — and that every time we’re seeing Lucille Ball not as Lucy Ricardo, she should both literally and metaphorically let her hair down.”

“Being the Ricardos” hits theaters Dec. 10 and on Prime Video Dec. 21.