A woman in Britain took to TikTok earlier this month to share the terrifying aftermath of a recent night out at a club.

The clip, shared by @crocodilealligat0r (also known as Hattie), has since gone viral, amassing 1.4 million views, 191,000 likes, and nearly 1,500 comments. The incident appears to have resonated with viewers, as it highlights how many women and members of other vulnerable populations are forced to fear for their safety—even while trying to enjoy an evening out with friends.

In the video’s on-screen captions, Hattie wrote: “Whoever was in Fever in Exeter last night and bit me, let me know you don’t have a disease and that I’m gonna live.” In a later video, she clarifies that Fever is the name of the club she’d visited.

The video then shows the bite site: located on her inner forearm, the skin appears discolored, swollen, and in one instance, teeth marks are actually visible.

In response to the flood of engagement sparked by the video, Hattie shared a follow-up clip to explain the details of the story.

“I went to Fever, which is a nightclub at Exeter, and I was not that drunk in the club,” she says, adding that her friends confirmed that she “seemed pretty sober.”

“Last thing I remember is that I was … dancing with my friend, and then I remember kind of losing them, and then I don’t remember anything until I was passed out in the toilets.”

Upon regaining consciousness, Hattie looked down at her wrist and saw that someone had bitten her arm.

“I was then freaking out,” she says in the video. “So, I basically left the club, and that’s all we really know so far.”

“The fact that I lost my memory—I could’ve been spiked, I’m not sure,” she adds. “Possibly, it could’ve just been that my brain didn’t want to make a memory.”

Hattie goes on to show the progression of the bite mark, noting that the morning after the incident it had become red and swollen. Eventually, her skin started to turn purple and even redder, prompting her to seek medical help.

While it appears Hattie will make a full recovery, she says her arm is still purple and sore, even days later, according to the clip.

The timing of the incident coincides with the recent concern over spiking in the U.K., where Hattie is currently based.

Late last month, an online campaign in the U.K. organized a country-wide “Girls Night In” in order to boycott bars and clubs. In doing so, they hoped to raise awareness of the increased reports of drink- and needle-spiking—as well as advocate for better safety measures to protect people from these drugs in the first place.

According to a Tuesday report by Vice, there have been “274 reports of injection spiking across the UK since the beginning of September.” However, the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) has yet to confirm any of these reports as actual cases of needle-spiking, as hard evidence regarding these incidents remains scarce.

Viewers were shocked by Hattie’s story and flooded the comments sections of the videos with supportive messages.

“The apocalypse has begun,” wrote @emilylovespringles.

“Another thing we have to worry about on a [night out]—this list is getting mighty long,” commented @emily.wadia.

“I’d maybe report this to the nightclub as well,” advised @diagonallie_. “If you’ve been spiked they might be able to look at CCTV and see who spiked and/or bit you.”

Others, meanwhile, hypothesized that Hattie had actually bitten her own arm in an effort to stay conscious—especially if she had been drugged. “I’ve worked in a bunch of clubs and [I’ve] watched a blacked out person doing this to themselves,” wrote @johnsnaxx.

Echoed @jeesssiiiiccccc: “This is a really weird explanation but if you were spiked and tried to keep yourself awake you might have hurt yourself.”

Original Article: Woman Says She Woke Up With Bite Marks After Passing Out at Club in Viral Video