A woman has posted on Mumsnet about how her family is charging her to attend Christmas dinner, and the internet has rallied around in support.

In the post, which was shared to the parenting forum on November 20 under the account name 729927luc, the woman explained that her brother-in-law and sister-in-law are hosting Christmas this year for her family.

Explaining she has hosted previously, the woman wrote: “They are charging us per family for dinner. I’ve never charged them before but apparently because they’ve got a lot of people going this year they have decided to charge.”

The mom will not be drinking as “it’s just assumed by everyone I’ll do all the driving.

Despite this, she is expected to pay for “many bottles of champagne they are planning to buy” and they plan to “be splitting the cost evenly between us all.”

Charging for Christmas dinner does not sit right with the woman but she conceded: “I would of course have taken things round or would have been perfectly happy if they’d ask me to bring a certain course etc.”

“Husband says he is on their side as they are doing all the hard work. Granted, but I’ve never charged them and would never dream of!”

She ended the post, which can be viewed here, by explaining it is really putting her of attending and asking the discussion-based website for their opinions.

The post has gained lots of traction, with more than 430 comments of people who largely agree with the story poster’s opinion.

One Mumsnet user, Wheelerdeeler, wrote: “I do not understand this mentality. Id stay at home. You do not charge people for dinner in your own home no matter [what] day of year it is.”

Another person, Shedmistress, added: “I’d be staying at home.”

Bert3400 typed: “I think that’s really cheeky especially if you have hosted previously.

“How much are they planning on charging every family and are you contributing to champagne you can’t drink as you will be driving?”

RoomOfRequirement stated: “I’d be invoicing them for all the years you paid for them and then say ‘or we can just call it even?'”

JurgensCakeBaby revealed: “The only people I’ve ever split the cost of Christmas dinner with was uni housemates and we’d do a pre holidays Christmas dinner.

“The whole point in taking turns hosting is that the burden, both financial and workload, is shared year to year. I think bring a bottle is perfectly reasonable.”

ShowMeTheSugar asked: “Why is it assumed you’ll be doing the driving? If they want to charge for food, fine up to them. I’d be more inclined just to ask others to make/bring a dish but each to their own.

“Footing a champagne bill though when you are the designated driver? Absolutely not.”

AwkwardPaws27 commented: “I think as a host you could ask people to bring something (a dish, a bottle or a dessert to share) to help spread the load a bit. Charging seems wrong.”

Original Article: Internet Slams Couple Charging Family for Christmas Dinner and Champagne