Sylvester Stallone thrilled QAnon cultists by wearing a hat with the letter “Q” on it and using a phrase associated with the right-wing conspiracy theory.

The Oscar nominated actor uploaded the photo to Instagram showing himself wearing the hat and seated on a plane, with the caption, “Heading into the storm,” and QAnon adherents took the post as a sign of his endorsement, reported Newsweek.

“Check out that hat and that caption,” posted Truth Hammer, a QAnon Telegram account with more than 44,000 followers. “Stallone knows.”

Other conspiracy accounts speculated the “Rocky” and “Rambo” star might also adhere to the belief that Donald Trump will subject a cabal of satanic pedophiles to “the Storm,” when he will order the arrest and execution of Democratic and Hollywood elites.

“What kind of hat is that?” posted the QAnon account Pepe Lives Matter, which has nearly 150,000 followers. “Stallone with an interesting photo.”