A Vancouver woman is facing extensive surgery in Mexico after being attacked.

Jamie Coutts was on vacation with a friend in Playa del Carmen when a man assaulted them at a bar Saturday night.

Police in Mexico said they have arrested Peter Nowaczeck, who is a professional boxer from Ontario.

On social media, Coutts’ friend posted that the man had been coming on to them at the Coyote Lounge Bar and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

He then turned around as if to walk away, but then turned back, “ran at her full speed and punched her until she was unconscious,” according to another friend, Saturn Rose, who is in Vancouver.

“She’s obviously in so much pain,” Rose said after talking to Coutts Tuesday morning. “She’s really sad. She’s just not doing well.”

She said Coutts’ nose is broken in three places and she is struggling to breathe. She also has a chipped tooth and a severely injured eye.

Her friend, who was also punched, needed stitches to her head.

Coutts is currently in a hotel in Mexico and has to regularly go to the hospital for tests and checkups.

Rose said she can’t come home until she has surgery, and they don’t when that will happen.

“The doctor said roughly six days to four weeks,” Rose said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Coutts with funds as she did not have travel insurance.

It’s not the first time Global News has reported on an incident involving the young woman.

She spoke to Global News in March about a frightening experience after she was followed closely by a strange man for more than half an hour.

Coutts filmed much of the encounter and said her stalker didn’t appear fazed by the camera at all.

A charge of criminal harassment against Mohammed Majidpour, 34, was eventually stayed.

Now, she faces a long recovery before she can even fly home.

“She’s just devastated,” Rose said. “Jamie is the most bubbly person I know and just a sweet girl and she’s just so sad.”

Original Article: https://globalnews.ca/news/8432135/woman-stalked-vancouver-brutally-attacked-mexico/