Woman hides mother’s death for social security payments

A New Hampshire woman allegedly kept her mother’s corpse hidden in her home for nearly six months as Social Security checks continued to be deposited in the dead woman’s bank account.

Kimberly K. Heller, 54, was arrested on Nov. 18 and charged with abuse of a corpse, the Bedford Police Department said Friday in a news release.

Police first responded to Heller’s home on Oct. 24 after her family requested a welfare check for her mother, whom they had not seen for several months, according to the release. However, no one was home at the time.

When officers returned the next day, police said Heller refused to let them inside. Police returned with a search warrant and discovered her mother’s dead body.

An autopsy later determined that Heller’s mother had died of natural causes just days before Memorial Day in May, police said.

Investigators also learned that during the nearly six months that Heller hid her mother’s corpse, her mother’s Social Security payments were still being deposited into the bank.

Police said that they alerted the federal Social Security Administration Office of the Inspector General and are coordinating with the agency’s investigation.

Heller was expected to be arraigned on Jan. 6.

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