Trolls Deadnaming Elliot Page in Celebration of the Jussie Smollett Verdict

Many Conservatives were giddy over the fact that Jussie Smollett was found guilty on five counts of disorderly conduct for filing a false report to Chicago police saying he was the victim of a hate crime.

However some were so excited, it seems, that they’ve taken to deadnaming Elliot Page on Twitter for sport.

Shortly after the verdict was announced, MAGA trolls began circulating old footage of Page talking to Stephen Colbert about bigotry in America, during which he mentioned Smollett. In addition sharing the video, many used Page’s deadname, causing it to briefly trend.

Per Wikipedia:

Deadnaming is the use of the birth or other former name (i.e., a name that is “dead”) of a transgender or non-binary person without the person’s consent. Deadnaming may be accidental or used to intentionally dismiss, deny or reject a person’s gender identity.

Page’s interview with Colbert happened less than a week after Smollett reported the alleged attack, and long before anyone, including the police, had all the facts. Three years later, we know the complete story. It was wrong for Smollett to lie, but Page was right to believe him in that moment.

We’re not going to amplify the bigots deadnaming Page, but we will note that when his deadname started trending, people quickly stepped up to remedy the situation…

“Ellen” Page is trending today because a bunch of simpletons think if Jussie made up a racist crime, real racist crimes dont happen. They use an Elliot Page clip just to get a twofer in & demean him with their transphobia. The deplorables are as lame as ever.

— Slartibartfast (@v3ronika9) December 10, 2021

Tweeting “Elliot Page” because “Elliot Page” is Elliot Page’s name.

— Hunter Webb (@HunterWebb) December 10, 2021

It’s Elliot Page because Elliot is his name; deadnaming is disgusting and transphobic.

— ???Dannie D??? (@DannieD01) December 10, 2021

Conservatives are resurrecting a clip of Elliot Page defending Jussie Smollett in 2019. They’re not doing that with any other clip of any other celebrity defending him. Gosh, you know, I wonder…I wonder if they picked his clip because they want to bully a trans man. Thoughts?

— Alexis Vandom ????? (@VandomVA) December 10, 2021

Since he’s trending, just gonna say that I think Elliot Page is hella sexy.

Like bonkers hot.

— Elizabeth C. McLaughlin (she/her) (@ECMcLaughlin) December 10, 2021

Not people on Twitter deadnaming Elliot Page AND missing the point. Your double whammy of bigotry makes for a good block list.

I am so furiously mad right now.

— Mxiety (@mxiety) December 10, 2021

I also hope Elliot Page has an absolutely wonderful day.

— Full of Frap (@FullofFrap) December 10, 2021

People are deadnaming Elliot Page over a clip where he defended Smollett when literally everyone was fooled by the faked hate crime. They are fucking scum.

— Josh Whelan (@matrixman124) December 10, 2021

Elliot Page is fucking awesome. It’s a shame Twitter allowed his deadname to trend earlier.

But I’m posting with his real name, because lets keep that one on top.

— Erin, Trail Mom (@ErinInTheMorn) December 10, 2021

All the deadnaming happening to Elliot Page right now on this site feels so painful.Why are there so many people who make their hobby/past time causing pain

what is this sadistic place we call “social media”

I’ve never had to go through this, but I am so sorry for those that do

— Jessie (Stuff’n) Star (@JessieStarTF) December 10, 2021

The fact that people are deadnaming Page for sport is another sad consequence of Smollett’s actions, and an example of the ripple effect lying about hate crimes can have.

It emboldens bigots, fueling their hatred, and giving them ammunition to use against other marginalized people. Still, the vast majority of people who report hate crimes are telling the truth and so it’s important to take all reports seriously.

2 thoughts on “Trolls Deadnaming Elliot Page in Celebration of the Jussie Smollett Verdict

  1. considering how easily “deadnaming” inflames the crossdressing idiots, i think its a wonderful idea! if everyone starts doing it as often and publicly as possible, it would serve as their reminder that the world is populated by rational people that live by truth and reason rather than by fantasy and fad. no amount of patronizing these morons is going to make them sit down and shut up. So i say, stir them up with the truth whenever possible. Get them so spun up that they start acting out. People will see their lack of character and the pathologic insanity of their ilk… let the real world finally see that they are ALL perverted miscreants that should not be allowed to participate in polite society where genuine nuclear families are the true strength of this nation and this world!

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