Kanye West says he’ll be ‘homeless in a year’ because he’s turning all his properties ‘into churches’

Kanye West has revealed why he expects to be “homeless in a year”.

In a new interview, the rapper, who recently changed his name to Ye, said that he believes society is being killed by “capitalist rule”, adding: “It’s time to change that.”

Inspired by this, he said he is “going to be homeless in a year” as he’s “going to turn all the homes I own into churches”.

“We’re making this orphanage, and it will be a place where anyone can go,” he explained in the latest issue of 032c.

“It should be like an artist commune. Food should always be available.”

It was recently reported that the rapper is planning to help combat homelessness in Los Angeles by using his own companies to help provide education and housing to those in need.

Last week, West seemed to repeat his wish for a reconciliation with wife Kim Kardashian during a benefit concert with fellow artist Drake.

However, despite his public bid, Kardashian has reiterated her desire to divorce the rapper.

West’s most recent record, Donda, was released earlier this year.

Original Article: Kanye West says he’ll be ‘homeless in a year’ because he’s turning all homes into ‘churches’ | The Independent

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