Martha Stewart selling replicas of clay nativity set she made in jail

Martha Stewart has a last-minute holiday gift idea for you: the ceramic nativity set she made while serving time in prison.

The former jailbird, 80, spent five months behind bars at the Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia in 2004 and 2005 for lying about her sale of ImClone shares.

Stewart took pottery classes while incarcerated, creating 14 figurines of religious idols, including Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

“I still have my [inmate] number on the bottom!” the lifestyle guru — who is Catholic — explained in the TikTok clip, which has wracked up more than 370,000 views.

Savvy Stewart is now capitalizing on her favorite prison pastime, selling replicas of the nativity scene on her website.

Advertising the products in the TikTok video, the convicted felon humorously said that the ceramic set would make the perfect gift because it had “a little street cred.”

“These are exact replicas of the nativity scene I made in pottery class when I was away at ‘camp,’” Stewart joked, as she displayed the new products for sale.

The set usually retails for $149 on, but has been discounted to $119.20 ahead of the holiday.

It comes complete with three camels, two shepherds, two ox, three wise men, an inn keeper, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Stewart showed that the set was identical to her original figurines, which she glazed and painted while spending Christmas 2004 in jail.

TikTok followers were thrilled by the new products, with one writing: “Who goes to jail and makes the world’s best nativity set?!”

Back in 2004, Stewart pled guilty to charges of conspiracy and obstruction of justice following a five-week trial.

In the years since her release, the domestic diva has managed to rehabilitate her image and she now even jokes about her stint in the slammer. She humorously refers to prison as her time away at “camp.”

Meanwhile, the lifestyle queen won’t be spending this holiday season alone, after recently revealing she has a new boyfriend.

The grandmother made the revelation to Andy Cohen earlier this month but refused to reveal the identity of her paramour.

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