Derek Chauvin will eat his first Christmas meal behind bars, while other infamous figures like R. KellyJoe Exotic and El Chapo already know what to expect … so we thought we’d give you a peek at the menus.

R. Kelly and Ghislaine Maxwell are under the same roof at MDC in Brooklyn, and they’ll share a menu that includes cornish hen and mac n cheese — not to mention holiday activities like drawing, painting and a musical talent show.

A definite change for Robert … it was just after Xmas in 2019 when he ate one of his last meals as a free man at a local McDonald’s.

Derek Chauvin, locked up in Minnesota, will get beef stroganoff, carrots, bread, an orange and a slice of eggnog cake.

Joe Exotic, who’s locked up in North Carolina, will get Cornish hen, mac & cheese, salad and a baked sweet potato — there’s a tofu option if he feels for the animals.

El Chapo’s in Colorado, where Cornish hen’s on the menu with peanut butter pie for dessert.

Mark David ChapmanJohn Lennon‘s killer, will get a chicken breast, potatoes, spinach and an ice cream sundae before getting to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

As if you didn’t need more motivation to stay off Santa’s naughty list.

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