Musician Wants Cop Fired for Putting Hands on Black Woman’s Neck at Concert

Rapper Jack Harlow has called on an Atlanta police officer to be fired for putting his hand on a woman’s neck outside of his concert and has said that he wants Black women at his shows to be protected.

The 23-year-old Shelbyville, Kentucky native took to his Instagram to share a video of an altercation between one of his female fans and a police officer outside of his show at the Coca-Cola Roxy.

At one point the woman began yelling toward the face of the cop when he extended his hand and pushed her away by the neck.

Troubling: Rapper Jack Harlow has called on an Atlanta police officer to be fired for putting his hand on a woman's neck outside of his concert and has said that he wants Black women at his shows to be protected

She then pushed his hand away as the officer then grabbed her by the wrist and pointed in her face as she screamed ‘All I wanted to do was go to a Jack Harlow concert.’

The WHATS POPPIN hitmaker was obviously troubled by the clip as he wrote a lengthy caption calling for the law enforcement officer to be fired and apologizing to every woman – especially Black women – who supports him.

He wrote: ‘This video came to my attention a few hours ago. When I watched it I was disgusted by that cop and all I wanted to do was make something good happen for this girl immediately…’

Harlow said that he was able to track the fan down in order to meet her and promise to give her tickets to as many concerts as her heart desires but that simply isn’t enough to fix systemic issues.

He continued: ‘I told the world to help me identify her so I could find a way to give her a hug and give her as many tickets to as many shows as she wants. 

‘But that’s not enough and its not a solution to a systemic issue that people who don’t look like me have to face. 

‘The next step is identifying this police officer and getting him unemployed as fast as we can.’ Assaulting a young woman and putting his hands on her neck is sickening.’ 

He concluded his message by talking about his connection to Black female fans as he wants them to feel safe. 

Harlow said: ‘I look out in the crowd every night and see black women in my front row…screaming my lyrics, traveling to see me, supporting me, riding for me. 

‘I want this woman, and every black woman that supports me to know – I am so sorry. 

‘I want you to be protected and I want this guy to lose his job so f***ing fast. I love you. Let’s find this officer.’

A spokesperson for the police department later released a statement to TMZ which read: ‘The Cobb County Police Department takes any and all allegations of officer misconduct very seriously. 

‘We are aware of the video snippet posted to Instagram involving our officer and a young woman outside the Coca-Cola Roxy. The incident is going through an internal review to get a full understanding of the entire incident before any potential action is taken.’ 

Harlow is one of the fastest rising stars in the hip-hop world.

He was recently nominated for two Grammy Awards including Best Rap Performance for What’s Poppin and Best Melodic Rap Performance for his collaboration with Lil Nas X titled Industry Baby. 

Watch the video here:


  • Dude…whatever! Guess he’s a Dem who wants to be famous…

  • As a judge commented in 1987, the laws need to be updated. Originally, the laws went out of their way to protect young ladies. However, the culture has changed. Many “young ladies” initiate violent encounters and sexual encounters. The men must be very cautious in responding, because those old laws can get guys in serious trouble.

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