Preacher claims reptile alien imitating her husband tried to sleep with her

A preacher has claimed that her husband, who is also a preacher, was imitated by a “reptile alien” who tried to have sex with her.

Sharon Gilbert made the extraordinary claim about her husband Derek on an American religious television show yesterday.

Speaking the Jim Bakker Show, Gilbert claimed: “After Derek and I got married, one night, this other Derek appears in our room while the real Derek is lying down next to me.

“I knew that was not Derek, so I ask this who he was because he clearly wanted to have sexual relations.

Sharon Gilbert claims that her husband wanting to have sex was the work of an alien

“This other Derek seriously wanted to invite me to use my free will that was going to pull me away from God (have sex).

“I reached up and grabbed his face and said you are a liar, and Jesus is real. I pulled the face off, and beneath it was a reptile who had little creatures with him – like little gargoyles.”

According to Ms Gilbert, the creature claimed to be something called Ahasuerus, also known as Xerxes.

He is said to have ruled “from India even unto Ethiopia, over an hundred and seven and twenty provinces”.

Xerxes was thought to have been assassinated in 465 BC, by Artabanus – a commander of the royal bodyguard, who was also an official in the Persian courts, although some scholars believe that he was actually murdered by his own son, Crown Prince Darius.

Happy (?) couple, Sharon and Derek Gilbert

The clip of the strange confession drew ridicule on Reddit.

SpiritOne wrote: “Shouldn’t we get these people some mental help, I mean this woman is verifiably crazy.”

And Eksyte added: “There’s no insanity within her. She just made up some s*** that seems (to her flock) too absurd to be made up.

“She knows they’re gonna eat that s*** up, too.”

Although, one user, Curious_Meerkat took a more pragmatic approach.

He wrote: “When people say ridiculous things it’s not always because they are delusional.

“Sometimes they are just bad people who feel no obligation to present themselves honestly and are performing the song and dance that will fill the hat.”