Colbert Rips Andy Cohen for New Year’s Eve de Blasio Rant and ‘Over Served’ Apology: ‘You. Were. The. Bartender.’

If you missed Andy Cohen’s headline-making rant about exiting New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, delivered on his CNN New Year’s Eve special not long after the ball dropped on Saturday night, Stephen Colbert has you covered.

The “Late Show” host opened his first monologue of 2022 by ripping into the Bravo host for saying this about DiBlasio after an evening of taking shots on air with his friend and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper:

“Watching mayor DiBlasio do his victory lap dance after four years of the crappiest term as the mayor of New York, the only thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on is what a horrible mayor he has been. So sayonara, sucka!”

“Wow,” was Colbert’s first comment after he played that Cohen New Year’s Eve clip. And he quickly followed up with a roast of the Bravolebrity.

“Usually when someone gets that angry-drunk on live TV, they have to go explain their behavior to Andy Cohen,” Colbert said, cutting to a photo of Cohen speaking to two “Real Housewives” on Cohen’s own late night show, “Watch What Happens Live.”

Things didn’t stop there, though. Colbert next pointed out that Cohen addressed what happened on CNN with a sort of apology tweet the following day that read, “I was a bit overserved (sic) last night.” Then, he called Cohen’s bluff.

“Um, Andy, you can’t really blame the bartender when. You. Were. The. Bartender.” Colbert said. “You think we wouldn’t notice that you were the one pouring the drinks? We watched what happened – live.”

Cohen took it all in stride though, reposting Colbert’s monologue about him with several clapping emojis.

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