Woman threatens restaurant workers, accuses staff of ‘drugging her food for fun’

A strange incident featuring an older, seemingly intoxicated woman who accused the restaurant staff of drugging her food multiple times was caught on video and posted to TikTok where it quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views.

The video shows a woman cussing at and threatening to assault a manager as they head to the front of the establishment to pay, where the manager and two other staff members stare with stunned expressions as the Karen accuses them of not only bad service and food, but trying to drug her.

“I came in here and somebody mickeyed my food with a bunch of drugs,” she claimed.

“Why did you come back?” asks one of the staff, which seems a very good question.


managing a restaurant for ya and no i was most definitely not in this womens face, i took the video to ensure my name wasnt compromised

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The customer asserts that she returned to the place she said drugged her because she wanted to speak to the restaurant owners, but the baffled staff can’t understand why she sat down and ordered off the menu rather than asking to speak with the owners.

According to the TikTok user, she ordered two of the most expensive entrees off the dinner menu and demanded that the steak be taken off her bill because it was allegedly undercooked. She ended up only paying for a salad, with the total bill coming to just $8.12.

One staff member can be heard telling the Karen, who does sound absolutely wasted, to calm down and denies that the TikToker could be getting in her face because there’s a counter between them. All the while, at least two workers can be seen using the phone, and one of them definitely called the police.

In a part two video, after she’s been informed that the police are on their way and she’s handed over $9, the Karen forces her way outside in spite of staff members trying to stop her, one of whom she assaults on the way out. The TikTok user has to run outside and inform her taxi driver that the woman is not safe to be with and that the police are coming to talk to her.

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The woman accuses the TikTok user of being in some sort of “clique” that the user later says she thinks refers to some kind of alleged drug ring being run by the restaurant staff. No explanation is ever given as to why a restaurant would ever want to drug their own clients and then let them go out into the world, especially when they can be held liable for harm that comes to or from a customer who leaves their business in a clearly intoxicated state.

In another update, the TikTok user explains that the woman had called before coming in that night claiming that the morning staff had drugged her (“for fun,” apparently) and the manager told her she should go to the hospital to get checked out and tested for drugs in her system. The Karen heartily agreed to this, then came in and ordered two expensive entrees, and when the TikToker brought her the to-go bags, she asked if she was the manager she talked to on the phone and wanted an update on what the owners thought.

She became very upset and violent when told that the restaurant was waiting to see evidence from the hospital that a drugging had occurred at all. That’s when the video started.

Commenters have been widely baffled at this woman’s behavior, though fellow restaurant workers less so, because they’ve all seen too much.

“[S]ending this to every boomer who complains that no one wants to work… LOOK HOW YALL ACT!” wrote one commenter.

“‘Somebody mickeyed my food’ LOL so sorry some people exist to make others lives miserable,” said another.


  • Back in the 80s I can remember customers like these being banned from the store , the police being involved ,charges filed and yes ,several thought they would come back and wound up being arrested.
    No wonder no one works retail.
    Customer service , Customer service……….
    But not looking out for the staff from the corporate level .
    Ban trash looney toon trash like this from the establishment for ever…….
    Enough is enough,if you want behave like a child you can get a blistering with the belt.

  • Sounds like she was ALREADY on the “drugs” AND inebriated to boot! Hope the cops got there and the Taxi didn’t drive off with her… she also just wanted FREE FOOD…

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