The 75-year-old singer – who is one of the best-selling artists of all time – has revealed that she communicates with people from “every walk of life” in an effort to stay grounded.

The ‘I Got You Babe’ hitmaker explained: “I have to keep in touch with people because I live a very strange life and if I don’t communicate with people who come from every walk of life, I will have no idea what’s going on.

“I’m usually on the road, traveling, in a group that’s always together, unless I go out of my way, or if I see people on the street and talk to them.”

Recalling a recent encounter with some fans, Cher said: “I just, I was coming out of the movies and I saw this really cute couple and they she it was some holiday because she had roses in in a cellophane and I took a photo of them. And it just kind of picked up momentum like a wildfire [on social media].”

Cher comes from a humble background and she’s always been determined to remember her roots and where she’s come from in life.

The chart-topping star also thinks she’s “learned” a great deal from people from different walks of life.

She told E! News: “Because I have certain things, I have to search out other things. I know what life is like. I don’t forget where I came from, but I have to keep being reminded and I think the key is really to make sure that I remind myself. I find that I learned so much from talking to everyone.

“I’ve talked to homeless people on the street and have had better conversations than some head of a company.”

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