Betty White’s Hilarious 1983 Interview with Joan Rivers Goes Viral After White’s Death

Betty White and Joan Rivers were quite the comedic match. 

Following White’s death on Dec. 31 at the age of 99, fans have resurfaced various highlights from her long career in Hollywood, including one hilarious clip of White being interviewed by Rivers during a 1983 episode of The Tonight Show. 

Rivers, who died in 2014 at age 81, was taking over for usual host Johnny Carson that night, and when White entered the stage she immediately began ribbing Rivers over her recent PEOPLE cover story.

“Just a little jealous are you of the old cover?” Rivers asked. 

“You would think you were the only cover girl in town. Did you know that I’m a cover girl?” White replied. 

“I’m surprised, but probably yes,” Rivers responded, before White pulled out a magazine with her on the cover posing beside a dog. 

“And if you dare say, ‘Who’s that other bitch on the cover?’ I will never speak to you again for as long as I live,” she teased, later adding, “I am the one in the pink jacket.”

After tossing the magazine aside, Rivers turned to White’s outfit choice. “I asked you to come on tonight and look glamorous and look what you showed up in,” she said. 

“I like to think understated is a lot classier than all this other stuff hanging out all over, well it’s just ridiculous. The little tassels on everything. Can you get them all going in opposite directions?” the Golden Girls alum said. 

Rivers then brought things back to the magazine covers, saying that White’s wasn’t on “a major publication.” 

“Not a major publication? If you have dogs I tell you that’s a very major publication,” White said. 

“For your career, though, that’s a good start,” Rivers quipped.

White countered with her own teasing about Rivers’ PEOPLE cover, to which Rivers responded, “It’s funny because people wanted me topless but I said no.” 

Quick with a return, White joked, “Weren’t you? It’s so hard to tell.” 

“Oh, I bet you’d be funny on a date if you ever had one,” Rivers told White. 

“Listen, I don’t find the G-spot hard to find at all, it’s a cinch. Any guy that touches me I say, ‘Oh gee,’ ” she replied. 

Both Rivers and White laughed throughout the entire 10-minute clip, trading insults on everything from what they look for in a man to White’s love for animals.

The duo would go on to briefly become costars when Rivers made a cameo on Hot in Cleveland as the sister of White’s character back in 2012.

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