Mom Finds Out Her Husband Is Cheating When Police Show Up To Charge Him With Murder

Melanie Addie said her “mind was boggled” when police showed up at her door in Missouri with two pieces of bad news: first, her husband of 23 years, 56-year-old James Addie, was cheating on her. Second, the woman he’d been secretly engaged to was dead — and police suspected James of her murder.

“It made no sense at all,” Melanie told 20/20. “It didn’t seem right. This was not my life.

James dated 35-year-old Molly Watson for seven years while he was still married to Melanie.

Good Morning America reported that through all that time, Melanie never suspected a thing. Her now ex-husband was a dedicated father to their two kids, Emma and Ben, and there was nothing amiss in their home life. Melanie worked as a teacher’s assistant and James worked as a corrections officer.

But in hindsight, there might have been some clues.

“He seemed the same all the time,” she told GMA. “He would get off work at 3 [p.m.] … and usually he would get home at 5 and I would say, ‘Why are you always so late?’… and that would be an argument. He didn’t want to tell me anything.”

He also started going on trips without her. First, James told Melanie that he was going on a trip to Florida for work. At another point in their marriage, he claimed a trip to Mexico was simply a vacation with friends.

“I never really knew his work friends … [so it] seems plausible,” the mom explained.

There were also darker parts of James’ personality that rubbed Melanie the wrong way.

“He was a pretty selfish person … He could be controlling and intimidating … it could be challenging,” Melanie explained. “It just seemed like something he would do to fix a problem.”

When James came home from work on April 27, 2018, he “seemed like he always did,” she told GMA. “About 7 o’clock, he came into the living room where I was and said he was going to a friend’s house.”

Melanie ended up going to bed alone and woke up at 2 a.m. with James snoring next to her.

About 30 minutes later, she saw police lights outside and soon she would be at her door hearing the tale of Molly Watson, who was found dead outside her car in Monroe County, Missouri, with a single gunshot wound to the back of her head. Authorities said James was engaged to Molly two days before she died.

When she went to visit James in jail a week after his arrest, he apologized for the affair and told his wife that he didn’t kill Molly.

“I looked at him as someone I didn’t want back,” Melanie recalled. A few weeks later she filed for divorce.

“He had always been very hard on me about how a wife should act and how life should be, and then he did this. He had an affair, and that’s OK? No. We were done,” she explained.

At trial, prosecutors argued that they believed James lied to Molly about his wife.

They argued that James told Molly that Melanie was his ex-wife who died in a car accident — but then she learned that wasn’t true.

“Forensic searches of Molly’s phones indicated that the day before she was murdered, she was looking for Melanie Addie’s obituary,” prosecutor Talley Smith told GMA.

Melanie was also asked to testify against her ex-husband which was “just horrible.”

“You don’t want to be there. I don’t want to be in a position where I’m hurting him,” she said.

Daily Mail reported that Molly’s brother, Tim Watson, told 20/20 that Molly was “absolutely, 100% in love” with James before she was killed. He said that he and the rest of their family got “bad vibes” from James from the beginning.

“He could never look you in the eye. He could never talk to you directly. Everything was very evasive with him,” Tim said. “He put off bad vibes to everybody.”

Mark Price, the Randolph County recorder of deeds, told 20/20 that James acted “perturbed” when he and Molly went to get their marriage license and was asked about his previous marriage.

“He was just … like, ‘Why do you need to know that?'” Price recalled.

James did not take the stand at his trial, but read a statement at his sentencing in which he wrote a love letter to Molly, GMA reported. He also asked for a new trial and claimed he was unhappy with his defense attorney and that the attorney hadn’t presented all of the evidence in support of his case.

“There is no way that I could have done this crime,” he told the court. “The only one I hold at fault in this entire process is my attorney because he had the means and he had the ability to present my case and he failed to do it whenever I asked him.”

In early 2021, James was convicted of first-degree murder and armed criminal action. In July, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 10 years. He is currently working on appealing his conviction.

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