The town where you must remove your appendix before moving there

Moving to a new town can always be hard as you adjust to your new surroundings.

But moving into one small town, in particular, might be difficult – as it requires its residents to have their appendix removed if they want to live there.

Anyone looking to move to the Antarctic village of Villa Las Estrellas on King George Island will already need to prepare for plunging temperatures, a thriving social life or multiple restaurants.

But officials also need new residents, including children, to remove their appendix, but the reason makes sense.

According to the BBC, the nearest hospital is over 600 miles away from the Chilean settlement, meaning healthcare is limited.

Villa las Estrellas, in Chile's Frei base in Antarctica, where 64 families live

And while doctors do stay at the research base, it’s not guaranteed that there will be a surgeon capable of treating appendicitis, which requires surgery quickly.

So all residents moving there must undergo a pre-emptive appendectomy to avoid any life or death situations.

The remote settlement does have a huddle of homes, along with a school, library, post office, radio station, bank and supermarket.

It’s one of the few settlements in Antarctica where some people live for years – although people are discouraged from getting pregnant while staying there.

While it’s mostly researchers and personnel from Chile’s air force or navy that make up the 100 people at the base, those on longer-term contracts often bring their entire families.

But unsurprisingly the freezing conditions, where temperatures plunge as low as -47C, requires people to stay indoors – or they’ll find themselves in perilous circumstances.

This means people mostly live on the island during summer only – but this means daylight is constant.

Dogs are banned, in case they spread infectious diseases to wildlife, and it’s rare to see fresh vegetables being delivered.

But there are penguins – which are rather friendly thanks to laws stopping them from being hunted, which is rather wholesome.

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