A TikToker has gone viral after claiming Adele’s new music video is ‘demonic’ and ‘satanic’.

Victoria B has won support and a fair bit of criticism after accusing the singer of ‘mocking Christianity’ and ‘romanticising sin’ in the video for her latest single Oh My God.

The video was released earlier this week by Adele as the second single from her fourth album, 30, and while the striking visuals have won plaudits from her fans, clearly not everyone is impressed.

Victoria said that she’s ordinarily a huge fan of Adele, having ‘grown up singing her songs’, but expressed disappointment with the themes of the video, saying ‘people look possessed in it… there’s a lot of inappropriate things happening’.

‘The song is about how she knows sin is bad, but she just wants to have fun,’ she explains, pointing out that the video includes a reference to the original sin of Eve by showing Adele eating an apple.Advert10

‘I’m just sad and a little bit disappointed, but not surprised,’ she said, going on to claim that the song title itself is ‘breaking one of the ten commandments’.

‘It’s annoying to me because we literally cannot get one celebrity that just, you know… like can just one person not sell their soul so I can enjoy their stuff,’ she concludes.

Victoria’s thoughts were echoed by many of her Christian followers, with one person commenting, ‘I get so disappointed when I hear a good song and then they take the Lord’s name in vain.’

‘It’s sad like I’m really disappointed because Adele is my favourite artist or [used] to be until that video,’ another person wrote.=

But others questioned the criticism, with one person replying, ‘Just watching the video and there’s nothing demonic or satanic about it. Y’all are too sensitive nowadays.’

‘BROS IT’S A MUSIC VIDEO’ another person wrote, with a third saying, ‘Wait are you for real?’

Victoria has since turned off the comments on her post, and recorded a follow-up video after her original went viral, receiving more than 280,000 views.

‘As a Jesus follower, when people are super blatant about what side of the spectrum they’re on… I don’t support them and I don’t listen to their stuff, so that’s why I’m like, ‘Adele why did you have to do this’,’ she said in her follow-up. ‘I’m about to go and delete all my Adele songs now.’