David Beckham Slammed Over Kissing 10-Year-Old Daughter on Lips

The 46-year-old England hero took to Instagram last Friday to share a photo of himself with Harper Seven while out on a morning walk.

Beckham wrote to his 70.7m followers: “Daddy & Princess Leia had a lovely walk this morning.”

One of the photos included Beckham giving his daughter a peck on the lips, which prompted fierce backlash from some social media users.

“Why do you kiss your daughter on the lips? It’s weird and inappropriate,” one person wrote.

Someone else commented: “She is a big girl now [and it is] time for you to stop kissing her on the lips.”

While a third commenter posted: “Although this is very sweet, please do not kiss your daughter on the lips.”

A fourth said: “Wait, what!? Why do families kiss on the lips?”

And a fifth added: “Stop with the bulls**t lip kissing! Please! It’s not right for a parent to kiss their kids on the lips.”

Credit: PA

However, other fans defended Beckham for kissing his daughter on the lips and deemed his fatherly love as ‘normal.’

One Instagram user said: “In [the] Czech Republic [it] is normal to kiss your parents on [the] lips like that. Normal kiss [sic] nothing romantic or something like that. I kiss my mom or dad every time I see them. I don’t know what is the problem here.”

And a second added: “My mum and dad still do this and I’d miss them if anything ever happened to them. People are being so cruel with this.”

A third posted: “These people who say it’s wrong to kiss your daughter on the lips are crazy! I still kiss my daughter on the lips when I see her and she’s 32!”

While a fourth commented: “A parent being affectionate with his daughter so she knows she’s safe and loved should be celebrated.”

It is not the first time Beckham has received a hostile reception for kissing his daughter on the lips.

The Inter Miami co-owner and president posted a photo of him giving a then-five-year-old Harper Seven a kiss in 2017.

During a Facebook Live conversation, Beckham said that he was “actually criticised for kissing my daughter on the lips the other day” and insisted that “I kiss all my kids on the lips.”

The United and Real Madrid star explained: “Brooklyn, maybe not. Brooklyn’s 18, he might find that a little bit strange. But I’m very affectionate with the kids.

“It’s how I was brought up and [wife Victoria Beckham], and it’s how we are with our children.

“We want to show our kids love and we protect them, look after them, and support them, and we’re very affectionate with them.”


  • Unfortunate that people can only think of families kissing on the lips as something perverted. My mother-in-law and I would kiss each other on the lips every time. I was honored that she actually started the tradition.

  • OMG!! These idiots who commented negatively need to get over it!🙄
    It’s OK when it’s just a quick peck! My family did this and nothing immoral resulted from it! My mom was from Italy and it’s very acceptable. So maybe it’s a European thing and other cultures need to realize that!

  • I think it’s sweet

  • To the evil, anything seems evil, so check your morals at the door if you can’t handle other people’s familial customs. And SHUT UP, you big wusses, or else you may be labeled as guilty of having evil motives (which you probably already have). Parents know the limits of their family relationships. People who are closet abusers ALWAYS abuse their children. They don’t sweetly kiss them. Get a life already, wusses.

  • Karen Dumas Thomas

    You naysayers. My great-grandaddy McCoy always kissed his children and grandchildren on the lips. It was a McCoy tradition and my grandmother kissed me and my children this way at times. Why must you people make something of love and affection into something evil?

  • Cindy Lohoefer Weinrich

    God Bless you for being a loving father. The world would be a much better place if there were moreDads like you🙏❤️

  • Honestly, i cant understand why there’s so much negativity with a parent kissing their daughter on the lips..life is too short, I kiss my daughter on her lips, and cheeks as well and my daughter is 40 this year..as long as the daughter/son doesn’t object I can’t see what the problem is..!!!

    • I guess we see what kind of people are using instagram. I see no negative comments on this article. Honestly people are so ignorant to other cultures. They think their culture is the only correct way to live. So sad!!!!

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