Wendy Williams is allegedly a shadow of her former self, who can reportedly no longer get dressed without assistance and doesn’t recognize those closest to her.

According to The SunThe Wendy Williams Show host has lost her famous fiery personality amid her mysterious health crisis. “The spark is gone. That Wendy, who for ten years had that spark in her eyes, that cheeky grin and that little wink is not the same now,” a source tells the outlet.

Wendy’s decline is allegedly so bad that she “has days where she needs help eating, getting out of bed and getting dressed.”

“She’s not always functioning like she used to be,” the insider insists.

Pointing out that Wendy has been recently stepping out wearing only a robe and sometimes no shoes, their source states, “the old Wendy would never have allowed herself to be seen out like that.”

The saddest part, the source adds, is the sharp-witted TV personality allegedly no longer recognizes the faces of those she’s known for years.

“There are people who Wendy knows- who have worked closely with her- and there are days that she has no idea who they are,” they claim. Another insider alleges that Wendy is having trouble speaking, adding that fans shouldn’t expect to hear from her anytime soon.

“She really can’t do a video. She’s been having a hard time holding a conversation,” they tell The Sun.

Wendy has been MIA from her namesake show since being hospitalized in September, but according to those around her, the talk show host’s troubles started long before that.

“She was forgetting things on the show a lot- information on stories, celebrities’ names,” an insider states. “That’s why she would lean on producers, to help feed her information.”

A disturbing report recently claimed Wendy stripped down naked in front of her manager and a small group of other people while allegedly shouting vulgarities and touching herself at her home in May 2020.

It is not clear if Wendy plans on coming back to The Wendy Williams Show, but as Radar exclusively reported, producers are already eyeing a permanent replacement.