Julia Roberts & George Clooney’s new film Ticket to Paradise was shut down and the Hollywood stars were forced to leave Australia amid a COVID-19 outbreak.

The 54-year-old actress and the 60-year-old actor had been filming the project for several weeks and only had 14 more days left on production.

However, the entire set had to be shut down after the crew started to “drop like flies” due to the virus spreading around. Many of the staff who tested positive for the virus had close contact with the actors.

Roberts and Clooney were flown out of Australia and back to their homes while the producers figure out the next step. They believe the set will be closed down for at least 3 months as a precaution.

The decision was reportedly made by the director Ol Parker who felt it was too dangerous to continue forward with the film at this moment.

Daily Mail said a source claims to have seen Clooney at the airport before he left Australia for a flight back to California.

The actor was seen without the thick beard he grew for the movie. It appears he decided to shave and allow it to grow back within the next 3 months when production starts up again.

The film takes place in Bali and was originally set to shoot in Indonesia. However, the producers decided to move the film to Australia due to Bali having a surge at the time.

The project was receiving a huge tax credit for moving to Australia. The studios and production companies received a $6.4 million grant. Further, the Arts Minister Paul Fletcher said Ticket to Paradise was set to create at least 270 jobs and bring in $47 million to the local economy.

Roberts and Clooney have yet to be photographed back in the states nor have they commented on their film suffering a huge setback. The film currently has a tentative release date of October 2022.