Man Fired for being Fat after Moving his Family 2,000 Miles for New Job

A man who moved his family 2,000 miles away for a new job was sacked for being too fat.

The Griffin family left Queensland, Australia, for a new life and and embarked on a long drive to their new home in Tasmania.

But the couple were shocked when they met their new employer and were told to pack their bags and leave when they got there

It was only two hours into their new manager roles at of the Big 4 Strahan Holiday Retreat that Hamish and Hazel Griffin were given the earth-shattering news that they were sacked.

Mr Griffin reckons the decision by his new employer has violated his human rights.

And he urged others to check on the role and the workplace before agreeing to take up a new post.

The dad said he was told his weight would make him unable to carry out his duties which was discovered as he moved a sofa from a shed at the park,

“I was told I couldn’t do the job because I was too fat. I was told I wouldn’t be able to push a lawn mower or climb a ladder,” he told ABC News in Australia.

“I’ve been a park manager in north-west Queensland for eight years — I’ve been doing the job for eight years.”

Mr Griffin understood such task would be essential every now and then, but his job was not to look after the grounds or do maintenance work.

“It was a management position,” he said.

He was interviewed for the role by video and sent picture to his employers.

“They’d seen me, they knew what I looked like,” he said.

Park owners told the ABC News Mr Griffin’s sacking was because they there were concerned Mr Griffin would get hurt while working in the park.

His new employer also insisted Mr Griffin had withheld a health condition.

Mr Griffin question why he would tell them and said: “Carrying a few extra kilos, in my mind, is not going to inhibit me.”

The dad posted about his disappointment on social media about the ‘heartbreak and embarrassment’ of his termination just ‘two hours’ into a new role at the Big4 holiday park at Strahan, Tasmania

They had only spent one night in their new house before packing the car and leaving the site.

Mr Griffin described it as a shock and said his new the boss and his wife had visited them and welcomed them with a welcome drink.

Now after a taste of paradise and the promise of a new life the family are looking for new jobs and a new place to live.

He confessed the most difficult thing was telling his son Freddie and said it he had been absolutely devastated by being told the they were sacked.

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