Home Town star Erin Napier isn’t holding back in her latest Instagram post. She’s getting super transparent about struggles with her mental and physical health that has us all sending her the best wishes.

We all know Erin as the fierce mother of 2, television star, renovation queen, and author. Don’t get us wrong—she’ll always be that in our eyes, but this post she shared reminds us that no matter what, we’re all humans who live through lots of ups and downs.

The collection of throwback photos are rare snapshots of when she was in the hospital in 2014. By her bed side sits husband Ben, who looks the exact same even 8 years ago. Erin revealed that she was diagnosed with a perforated appendix. Fast-forward 8 years and the Home Town Takeover star is still experiencing troubling symptoms. The touching subject is even a topic she’s included in Make Something Good Today: A Memoir, the book she and Ben wrote.

Part of Erin’s caption reads: “My appendix has been gone along with the physical suffering for 8 years now, but I’ve been learning through conversation with my friend who is a therapist that it left some deep ruts in my neuro pathways that have left me with an extreme fear and preoccupation with sickness, nausea in particular, ever since.”

She goes on to reveal she’s experienced panic attacks and anxiety since her surgery. It’s not everyday that we see our favorite stars talking so openly about their mental health, but it’s just one more reason why we admire Erin. Her transparency garnered so many sweet comments from fans and friends alike.

Actress Drew Barrymore commented, “I love you @erinapier and THIS DOES HELP TO KNOW and I believe we are lucky to have a window into you that will also help others!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing. Ps rely on us right back. Everyone loves you!!!!” “Thank you for sharing the hard parts as well as the easy ones. This is the reality we all need. Blessings to you as you continue to work through your trauma. 💜” “Thanks for sharing. We are all a little broken, that’s how the light gets in” and”❤️ thank you for being real. We are far more alike than we are different” are just a few of the other positive messages Erin received from fans.

The caption is lengthy, but every word resonates with people in one way or another. Erin goes on to end the post with “We’ve all got our personal struggles. But isn’t it so nice to have this place for editing the hard parts out? Like seeing the people you love most gathered around your hospital bed, there’s always a light in the darkness.”