Aaron Rodgers criticized Joe Biden in an interview with ESPN that was published the day before his Green Bay Packers became the first team in NFL history to fail to reach the Super Bowl after winning 13 games in three straight seasons. While touring tornado-hit areas of Kentucky in December, the president joked to a woman wearing a Packers jacket, “Tell that quarterback he’s gotta get the vaccine.” Rodgers was not amused.

“When the president of the United States says, ‘This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ it’s because him and his constituents, which, I don’t know how there are any if you watch any of his attempts at public speaking, but I guess he got 81 million votes,” Rodgers, who was fined by the NFL for violating COVID protocols and takes medical advice from Joe Rogan, said. “But when you say stuff like that, and then you have the CDC, which, how do you even trust them, but then they come out and talk about 75% of the COVID deaths have at least four comorbidities. And you still have this fake White House set saying that this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated, that’s not helping the conversation.”

Rodgers’ comments, especially the part about Biden receiving 81 million votes in the 2020 presidential election, caught the attention of Donald Trump’s chief spokeswoman, Liz Harrington. She used it as proof that the election was stolen from her boss. “There’s not a lot of good news. We see what happens after one year of an illegitimate regime in place,” she said on Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic podcast:

“The only good news is the American people know it. I mean, you had four years of them saying the 2016 election was stolen by Russia and you never had quarterbacks questioning President Trump’s legitimacy. You’ve got Aaron Rodgers just flat out calling it out and saying ’81 million votes? Yeah, I guess.’ But it doesn’t certainly look like it.”

Here’s the clip:

Rodgers now has plenty of free time to do his own research.

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